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Many homeowners tend to forget just how important the top half of a property is. A property can be severely let down by shabby fascia’s, guttering and soffits. This is why having a clean, slimline look to the top part of your Leicester home. Our team of experienced specialists at Avant have been supplying and installing soffits, bargeboards, fascias and guttering to make sure your home is looking pristine.

Different Types of Roofing Cladding Used Today

Various wooden boards surround the top half of a property close to the guttering and these boards form the soffits, fascias and bargeboards. These wooden boards often cover all sides of a home. Over the years these boards can rot or the paint can peel off which can result in a tacky look that can bring down the overall tidiness of your home.

By using some of the best quality uPVC plastics, our Leicester team at Avant can remove the reliance on the maintenance and upkeep of traditional wooden materials. Many of our Leicestershire uPVC plastics come with a range of wooden looking finishes.

Benefits of Our uPVC Soffits, Fascias and Guttering:

  • Gives your home a wonderful facelift
  • Has a better safety than wood
  • Increases the value of your property
  • Comes in a selection of colours and finishes
  • Supplied, fitted and installed by experienced teams

With all of our fascia and soffit projects, we aim to remove any wood remnants and replace completely with uPVC. We will not just clad over any rotting wood that there may be present.

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uPVC Based Fascias

Fascia boards are straight, longboards that are located at the lower edge of your roof. They fix directly to the roof trusses. We replace rotten, worn fascias with maintenance-free uPVC plastics.

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If you peak under your fascia board, you’ll find your soffit board. At street height, its the board that is most seen. The soffit board usually allows air to circulate in the roof space via tiny ventilation holes.

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The area of the roof and roofline is not normally considered important when it comes to the look and feel of a property.

The fascia board is typically what the guttering system fixes to all around the property. Both the soffit and the fascia board attach to and hide the roof beams that protrude over the brickwork. Soffits are fixed under the fascia board and often have small grid like holes for ventilation.

It wasn’t too long ago that the fascia, soffit and barge boards were made from wood. The wooden boards certainly looked great but with all things wood they can start to look tatty and damaged over time. Instead of the difficult tasks of having to sand down and paint these boards, uPVC boards were introduced. We’ve all seen what years of rain, wind and the rays of the sun can do to wood!

To replace your boards with uPVC, you’re looking at around £100 per metre. Another considerations that may impact cost are if our team need to erect scaffolding to get over areas such as a conservatory.

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